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I begin my first posting with salutation to Lord GaNapati, the destroyer of all impediments! This song was written on the 14th October 2009 and, of course, is not the first one I wrote. But it was written on the same date  about two years back as such I thought it was apt to begin with this song.


This one as well as all other songs posted here will be with Thamizh and English lyrics along with an audio clip. The audio clip will be without adjustment of sruti or tALam but just to provide an outline as to how the song is to be sung. Sangatis, neraval, swaraprastArams etc are left to the singer wishing to sing this song as per her/his manodharmam. Since I am not well versed with the theoretical aspect, no notations are provided.

The song also can be enjoyed through the following YouTube link:

மோஹனம் ஆதி   நாகபுரி ஸ்ரீனிவாஸன்

       சென்னை 14.10.2009   00.06 AM


வல்லப கணபதி பொற்றாள் பணிந்தேன் நான்

நற்றமிழ், கீதங்கள், பாடிப் போற்றிட (வல்லப)              


விக்கினங்கள் யாவும் தீரும் உன்னாலே

நீள் விதியும் அழியும் உன்னருளாலே  (வல்லப)


நன்று தீதுகளை நானறியச்செய்தவா

மன்றுளே ஆடும் நாதனின் தவப்புதல்வா

குன்றமணையும் குமரேசன் சோதரா

நித்தியனே நிமலா பக்தியுடன் பணிவேன் (வல்லப)

mOhanam  Adi  Nagpur Srinivasan

    Chennai 14.10.20  00.06 AM


vallabha gaNapati poRRAL paNindEn nAn

naRRamiz, gItangaL, pADip pORRiDa (vallabha)


vigginangkaL yAvum tIrum unnAlE

nIL vidiyum aziyum unnaruLAlE  (vallabha)


nanRu tItugaLai nAnaRiyacceydavA

manRuLE ADum nAdanin tavappudalvA

kunRamaNaiyum kumarEsan sOdarA

nittiyanE nimalA bhaktiyuDan paNivEn (vallabha)

I hope to continue my journey with the support of you all!

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