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Sivanai oru taram

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There is a song in hindOLam which goes as “sivanai ninaindavar evar tAzhndAr, sadA sivanai maRandavar evar vAzhndAr”, the composer unknown. This was also sung by Smt. Aruna Sairam last year. We call God as “anbE KaDavuL” as such She/He will not punish someone forgetting to praise or remember Her/Him. Since the wordings appeared somewhat derogatory (though not from the point of view of the composer, who might have been vIra Saivist) I felt for the need of a song without wounding anybody in the same rAgam praising Lord Shiva. I remember, Late Maharajapuram Santanam took permission from Sri TN Bala, composer of ViLaiyADa idu nEramA, to change a line in that song in a different way as it would amount to mocking at him. Here, we are unaware of the composer and certainly he would have done this song more than 100 years back! Thus, the question of knowing his intention or taking permission to sing differently does not arise. Even if I happen to sing this song, I would like to sing it in a modified way as “sivanai ninaindavar evar tAzhndAr, sadA sivanai maRandavar idai uNarndAr” as we are not supposed to use certain words that might have been appropriate when the songs were composed like the word for untouchable used by GKB in nandanAr caritram. Anyway, the following composition satisfies me from this angle and I hope you would also feel alike:

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hindOLam        Adi       Nagpur Srinivasan

03.07.1964 Nagpur 01.35 PM (Modified on 20.05.2011)


sivanai oru taram ninai manamE nI

sindanai seydAlun seyvinai tIrumE (sivanai)

a. pallavi

AlakAlam uNDa kAlakAlanai

aNDinapErai ATkoLLum nAdanai (sivanai)


mukti tarum anda mUvaril oruvanai

mudal muDivillA mukkaNNanai

bhakthi perugip pADi urugi

manam kasindu anu dinam munaindu anda (sivanai)

ஹிந்தோளம்   ஆதி   நாகபுரி ஸ்ரீனிவாஸன்

03.07.1964 நாகபுரி 01.35 PM (திருத்தப்பட்ட நாள்: 20.05.2011)


சிவனை ஒரு தரம் நினை மனமே நீ

சிந்தனை செய்தாலுன் செய்வினை தீருமே (சிவனை)

அ. பல்லவி

ஆலகாலம் உண்ட காலகாலனை

அண்டினபேரை ஆட்கொள்ளும் நாதனை (சிவனை)


முக்தி தரும் அந்த மூவரில் ஒருவனை

முதல் முடிவில்லா முக்கண்ணனை

பக்தி பெருகிப் பாடி உருகி

மனம் கசிந்து அனு தினம் முனைந்து அந்த (சிவனை)


                  MangaLanAyaki                            VamshOddArakar

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