Revered SangIta rasikAs

Music seems to have been born along with me as I was interested in it since the day I recognized my mother tongue! I started composing since 1961 when I was running my 16th year. My first creation was “vaNNattuppUcci”, a small poem in Thamizh. I had been a fan of Late SeergAzhi Govindarajan and inspired by his then famous song “Anbu maNam kamazhum”, I composed my next poem, “KAr karukkum vELai tannil kAr mugilaikkaNNAl kaNDEn” on Mother Thamizh on the 20th of February 1961. When I showed this to Late Ki.VA.Ja at Calcutta when he visited Thamizh Sangam, he though appreciated, wanted me to learn the Thamizh literature well as I need to follow a lot of rules for poem composition. I, therefore, left writing poems since I had less leisure to devote to the intricacies. There was a short period of lull and on the 30th of June 1961, I started writing songs in Thamizh instead of poems as I found it easier. This was on Lord GaNapati in malayamArutam. Thereafter, whenever, I get a sort of inspiration, by an appealing tune or verses, or due to emotional circumstances, I used to scribble the lines occurring to my mind on a piece of paper with details of date, time and place I wrote those lines. There were many such songs which had just pallavi or both pallavi and anu pallavi. Since I was not matured, both in age and language during the time these were written, some of them were not very impressive. In any case, I had no leisure to revise them and modify. It is only after I retired, I had some leisure to go through these and polish or complete or delete if found wanting.

By now, my wife, children, relatives and well wishers were pestering me to publicise these for the sake of posterity, but I had to postpone their wishes on various factors. In deference to their well wishes and in view of the blogging facilities available now, I decided to post the lyrics in a blog of my own beginning from the dawn of Thamizh New Year Kara.

Beginning from tomorrow, I am planning to post all the lyrics, I loved, and then those of others that are not sung now-a-days but were very famous in yester years. I am also planning to post here LalitA SahaSranAmam, in about 108 rAgams that were composed by my acquaintance Late Ramasubramanya Iyer, a disciple of Harikesanallur Muththaiah Bhagavatar and Shakti upasaka, as per his wish, if everything goes well.

I will be using images from various sources, with the courtesy of the owners. I owe my thanks to all of them. As I am unaware whether these are copyrighted or not, I shall be grateful, if it is brought to my knowledge and I will thank them separately if they permit or remove such images, if they so desire.

Kindly let me know your views liberally to enable me to correct myself, if necessary.

With humble praNAms



A word of caution:

My postings in this blog are completely copyrighted under the Indian Copyright Act 1957 including the amends thereof from time to time and the right vests with me. Neither any part nor shall the whole of my posting be reproduced in whatsoever manner for any commercial purpose without my express permission in writing. However, for personal use and public performance without any commercial intention, there is no objection!

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